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Home » 3commas Review – A Beginner’s Guide to the 3Commas Platform

3commas Review – A Beginner’s Guide to the 3Commas Platform

3commas Review – A Beginner’s Guide to the 3Commas Platform

3commas Review – A Beginner’s Guide to the 3Commas Platform

In this 3commas review, I’ll share my thoughts about the platform and its features. As a novice, you won’t be looking for complex pieces of script. That said, I have found this platform extremely useful and would recommend it to novices. Despite the short free trial period, I’d still like to know more about the service. Before setting up a trial account, I would first read the 3Commas’s features list. This way, I could determine whether it’s right for me before committing.

While the mobile apps are a nice gift, they need to be more advanced. The crypto trading bot connects with all known exchanges worldwide, including Binance. It supports almost 25 cryptocurrency exchanges, and 3Commas keeps adding new ones fast. Overall, this crypto trading bot is a nice addition to the 3Commas ecosystem. As a bonus, it features excellent customer support and a generous referral program with three tiers. If you refer other people to the service, you’ll get a commission on their sales.

In addition to its powerful features, 3commas also offers a wide range of customizable options. It lets you customize default settings for a more customized experience. 3commas’s stop loss feature is a strong feature, as it ensures you won’t lose any money by selling your currency when it drops below a certain amount. Moreover, it provides many tools to automate investment decisions, including trailing stops, long/short algorithm auto bots, and investment management.

For advanced traders, 3Commas also features a number of features that will help them trade successfully. Beginners can set up an account and connect to an exchange to start copy trading. Advanced traders can set up their own automated trading strategies, customize the safety trades, set a desired profit, and customize the conditions that trigger the trade. Advanced traders can select from simple bots or composite bots to achieve their goals. Lastly, 3Commas provides useful profitability information to traders.

The main benefits of 3commas’ platform are its marketplace of signals. The Gordon bot is a standard DCA bot and is great for beginners. You’ll need to subscribe to the Pro subscription to get access to the Gordon bot, which uses a trading strategy known as QFL. The QFL system is an automated trading strategy that favors long positions. The 3commas review summarizes its features and its pricing. A subscription to the service allows you to follow the winning strategies of professional traders, which is a significant bonus.

Another major benefit of 3Commas is its security. The exchanges that 3Commas connect with are secured through an API key. The exchanges themselves do not store the API keys, so there’s less incentive for hackers to compromise user data. The 3Commas team outlines an Incident and Breach Response Plan that ensures that no security breach occurs. The company is highly secure, and the 3Commas API key should never be given to another party for withdrawal.

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