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Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

Benefits of Eating Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

The daily consumption of kiwifruit is beneficial to all people. However one group who can particularly benefit from eating kiwifruit are woman during pregnancy. There are multiple benefits to eating kiwifruit if you are pregnant. Kiwifruit should be considered a staple food for all expectant mothers.

Pregnant mothers need a good amount of folate in their diet. Folate is a B vitamin which helps with cell division in the baby. Low levels of folate are related to neural tube defects which are in turn caused by incomplete development of either the spinal cord or the brain. One of the most common maladies caused by these defects is spina bifida. To make sure that the pregnant mother is getting enough folate in her diet she needs to either take supplements and / or consume foods which are rich in folate.

One food that is particularly high in folate is kiwifruit. With a delicious taste it is an easy addition to anybody’s diet. If the pregnant mother is at particular risk of having a baby with spina bifida, usually those with a family history, then they will want to take particular care to make sure they are consuming enough folate. It is important to keep consuming high levels of folate up to 12 weeks after conception as well.

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Five Major Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit In Pregnancy

Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit In Pregnancy.

Many pregnant women are not aware of benefits of kiwi fruit in pregnancy. Sometimes, there are small things that bring major changes in our bodily health. Kiwi fruit is one those things. Pregnancy is one of the time periods in a woman’s life in which they need special care. When woman give birth to a new life, they need extra nutritional care to produce a healthy baby. This is the stage where most of the women become choosy about their diet. Moreover, last months of pregnancy do not allow consumption of heavy diet. These are the months during which women need light yet nutritious diet. Vegetables and fruits are the best things that pregnant women can take during these days to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Fifty Calories Per Fruit.

If we talk about various vegetables and fruits to take during pregnancy, kiwi will be the best choice among all the fruits. The first good thing about this fruit is that it is a low calorie diet. One fruit contains fifty calories and it can be the best choice as light weighted diet. It is relatively easier to digest this kind of light food during pregnancy. Benefits of this amazing fruit in pregnancy include the consumption of several vitamins and minerals. Consumption of iron, zinc and Vitamin B are of utmost importance. These are all the things that a woman needs to provide better nutrition to her baby.

Constipation In Pregnancy.

Carbohydrates are the other components that a pregnant woman can get after using kiwi fruit regularly. These carbohydrates are necessary to process the food in the digestive system. It is really essential to deal these digestive system problems during pregnancy because women may suffer from constipation during their pregnancy. Kiwi will help to alleviate constipation and will prevent more severe conditions of constipation.

Essential Vitamins During Pregnancy.

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that are essential to take during pregnancy. Absorption of calcium and iron gets better with higher levels of Vitamin C. In this way, vitamin C is necessary for direct use as well as maintains other processes of body. If you’re medical doctor asks you to take pills of vitamin C, you can easily switch to kiwi fruit. The best thing about this fruit is that it contains the amount of Vitamin C that is double the amount of Vitamin C in other fruits and oranges.

Get Benefits From This Amazing Fruit All Year Round.

All these health benefits can be best availed from the fruit if it is added in daily routine. However, the problem is the fruit is seasonal and its benefits cannot be enjoyed throughout the year. So the medical personals have come up with a substitute product this product is made from the natural ingredients. No artificial element is used for the manufacturing of this product so you can enjoy all the fruit benefits even in off season.

Here is a typical and common list of recommended foods and nutrients for necessary for expecting mothers:

kiwifruit is in the fruit group which belongs to the carbohydrate food group, it is known as a “superfood” because of it’s unique nutrient-density that tops all other well-known popular fruits. Read on and prepared to be surprised by the benefits this little fruit can offer you.


As mentioned above, kiwifruit is a carbohydrate but as with foods that are in the protein group, it has some of the vitamins and minerals that are also found in protein foods such as B vitamins, iron and zinc.


Much like whole grains for the necessary dietary fiber needed for proper food movement through the intestines, and the energy your body will need, kiwifruit also has good amounts of dietary fiber plus zinc and magnesium.

Calcium rich foods

Calcium is necessary your baby’s bone to develop and a normal sized kiwifruit contains 23 mg of calcium.

Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C is extremely important as it helps absorb iron and promotes healing in all aspects of the body. This is where the kiwifruit really stands out as the “superstar” food. Some of the best sources for vitamin C are fruits, and the kiwi the top rated fruit for it, containing almost twice as much found in the same amount of an orange.

Dark green vegetables

These foods are recommended because they contain an important nutrient for the growth and development of your baby; folic acid. A kiwifruit contains 17 mug of folates (folic acid). Dietary folate can help in preventing birth defects such as spina bifida.

The folate in kiwifruit is essential for women planning pregnancy and during pregnancy. Folate is important for cell formation and requirements are double for women who are even thinking about pregnancy.

Kiwifruit has antioxidants which protect cells from free-radical damage. This keeps cells healthier for longer and counteracts damage from pollution and stress.

Kiwifruit side effects?

Kiwifruit can cause skin allergies to some pregnant women so consult your doctor before eating them if you’re pregnant.

Doctors often prescribe aspirin to reduce elevated levels of antibodies which can cause miscarriages in some women. Kiwifruit are high in folate and have enzymes which can help and are a natural substitute for aspirin if desired or if you are allergic to aspirin.

Gain the same benefits as taking an aspirin daily to improve heart health by eating two to three kiwifruit per day. Kiwifruit helps thin blood, reduces clotting and can lower blockage-causing fat in the blood.


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Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy


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